Why Oppose Bill 2020-244?

BILL 2020-244 harms



SAFETY — BILL 244 gives men legal protection to go into women’s and girl’s restrooms, locker rooms, and even shower rooms. SEXUAL PREDATORS will therefore have easier access to these intimately private spaces. (more info)


LIBERTY — BILL 244 would threaten many small businesses in Jacksonville with fines or lawsuits for simply living out their religious beliefs in their own workplace. Business owners should not be threatened for honoring God in their own workplace (more info).

Democracy: We the People should not be prohibited from Representatives should listen to the people they represent.

Representative DEMOCRACY— BILL 244 is being hastily pushed through as our nation faces a global pandemic. Input from the public was already blocked at the first Council meeting. Representative democracy should be the cornerstone for our government. If the city can’t wait until we can tell them our concerns on this bill face-to-face, they should put it on a referendum to let the whole city have a voice. (more info)